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Support patients with Fabry's Disease in their fight for life-saving therapy.

Your support is urgently needed in the campaign for life-saving treatment for patients with Fabry's Disease, a very rare disease that affects fewer than 300 Canadians. While life-saving treatment for Fabry's Disease has been approved by Health Canada, the provincial Ministers of Health will not fund the drug until the federal government commits to an Orphan Drug Policy and to providing federal funding.

The Anemia Institute for Research & Education has joined with the Fabry Society of Canada to ask Canadians to voice their support directly to the federal Minister of Health. A letter of support is available on the Anemia Institute website with link below. It takes only 60 seconds of your time to send a copy to the Minister Ujjal Dosanjh. Then, please take another moment to send a copy of the letter to your federal member of parliament.

Simply click on the link below and fill in your name and address. A letter will automatically be generated. Thanks for your support.

Letter to the Minister's Office - Health Canada
The Provincial flags above are a gateway into local information containing everything up to date,and current about the Fabry community In your area. To access a Province, and it's information place your cursor over a provincial flag and click as shown in the image to the right.

Also to note Some provinces are abbreviated. Below is a guide on the provinces abbreviation.

BC - British Columbia
AB - Alberta
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NB - New Brunswick
PE - Prince Edward Island
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